2 Communicate

2 Communicate

Making InterPersonal Communication stronger

Effective communication is an essential ingredient of your success and the success of your business. It has become the fundament on which companies and careers are built.

On a daily basis, our employees engage in one or many forms of interpersonal communication; meetings, presentations, @social #media, informal learning (70% of our learning), face-to-face conversations, sales pitches, network events, … and the impact of our conversations is ever so crucial.

How we manage these conversations is a direct result of our interpersonal skills and communication efforts. Really connecting with people and bringing our message across depends on the way we integrate several techniques into our relationship.

A good use of our interpersonal skills leads to a head start, both in our personal life as in the business context. Succeeding in applying great communication skills will influence many core business competencies.

Some examples are:

  • Getting your message across effectively
  • Improved written communication and e-mail communication
  • Impactful non verbal communication
  • Influencing attitude and behavior of your peers
  • Making contacts, networking and managing professional relations
  • Communicating via social media channels
  • Expressing personal needs through Individual Development Plans (IDP) and understanding the needs of peers
  • Giving and receiving emotional signals (EQ and signals indicating burnout / work engagement status)
  • Better problem solving and decision making
  • Improved feedback towards all stakeholders
  • Improved sales impact (1-2-1 or 1-2-many)
  • Anticipating and predicting behavior (Leary’s rose)
  • Leading by using your ‘points of power’ in communication
  • Understanding your personal Personality traits and those of others (DISC, MBTI, HBDI, …)


Optima Facto’s workshops will show you the best ways to communicate, to become more engaging, to be more connecting and to be more confident in bringing your message across.

A communication that leads to strong and positive results for you, your peers and thus your business.

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