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2 LeadLeadership Development: Leading with trust, autonomy and accountability. Looking at the leadership development challenges in the coming years.

Optima Facto focusses on helping organizations to further develop it’s leadership culture and it’s new way of guiding people. We accelerate your growing state of applying the art leadership qualities.

Previous experiences with customers in Belgium and all over the world made it possible for us to evaluate how leaders work best in your company, adapting to your business context, your goals and your results. We build our expertise to be your loyal partner for a journey towards growth, prosperity and an engaged workforce.

Today’s leaders face unseen challenges in the marketplace. The skillset that leaders need evolves rapidly. Our projects are meeting these needs, through an innovative and a fresh, pertinent learning track to prepare your leaders to their core tasks and through role clarification.

We implement a variety of leadership development solutions. In a broad spectrum of solutions – flipped classroom, on-line, pre- and post-learning, classroom, … – you will find a ‘high impact learning’ process. A tailored approach is what you will get, specifically adapted to your needs and context in order to help you ‘be better than yesterday’.

Your leaders receive support in:

  • Personal Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Role clarification, vision deployment and performance management
  • Empowerment, accountability and autonomy in the ‘new world’

“Turning the science of leadership into the art of leadership”

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