2 Communicate

  • The art of communication: a mirror for your personal communication styles
  • Leading in conversations; how to get more from my interpersonal contacts and meetings
  • High Impact Presentation Skills – 2-day TOP TRAINING
  • ‘Power To Influence’
  • AIDDA© as a golden strategy to committed action
  • Workshop: focused attention to our Non Verbal Communication
  • Conflict Resolution Management: dealing with aggression on the floor
  • How to boost your meeting dynamics? (the ‘less is more’ of meeting skills)
  • The art of giving and receiving feedback
  • Non Violent Communication in a professional context
  • Excelling in cross cultural communication; how to put ‘diversity and inclusion’ to practice in a multicultural environment
  • Dealing with signals of drugs, alcohol, bullying … on the work floor; how to manage delicate meetings
  • Writing effective E-mails and changing the CC-culture
  • Assertive behavior; hype or strategy?
  • Negotiating with your stakeholders
  • Building your internal network; where to start and how to set up a strategy for great connections?
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