The Golden Cage


Having fun and still learning how to improve team collaboration?  It is possible!!

For our corporate customers, we love to organize original teambuilding activities, in combination with interesting learning opportunities for all team members.  Many teams:

  • Need a better understanding of each other’s individual way of functioning and communication style

  • Want to get to know each other better so that they can improve mutual team efforts

  • Need to ‘let go’ and want to give place to creativity.  Breaking the routines has now – more than ever – gained in importance.

Escape games’ are a perfect answer to these needs and increase the FUN factor of your workshop or training activity.

So how does this fun teambuilding work?

A facilitator briefs the participants on the course of the activity and the content of the program.  In teams of four to six colleagues (or more than one), the participants are being confronted with the challenge of finding solutions to different assignments in the chosen cage.  . It is not about trivia, IQ riddles or word games, yet rather original puzzles where both teamwork and individual talent play a major role.

After the escape game in the cage (which takes about an hour), your workshop will start.  Based on the experiences during the exercise specific topics are presented to the participants (based on the experiential learning experience).  The learning is linked to the observations of the shown behavior and communication during the exercise.


The purpose of the integration of the escape game into the training is four-fold:

  • You will learn about the unique personality of your colleagues in an original way.

  • You will connect with each other’s strengths and developmental points and you learn how to cope with these points as a team.

  • You practice in working together efficiently and effectively. The concept of “the right person in the right place” is evaluated.

  • You get to know yourself better and discover how you function at your best in a team.

  • Participants practice in giving and accepting feedback


There are four different rooms, which means that ‘De Gouden Kooi’ can accommodate up to 24 people every hour.  If you combine this with a meeting, a presentation or other activities, it can be worked in rotation.  Each room is unique.  Both the story and the puzzles are original and carefully crafted.  One of the rooms is regularly redone in its entirety, so a new adventure will be experienced every time.

For the professional facilitation of the trainings and workshops, Optima Facto was selected to be the preferred partner.   Optima Facto provides high quality training for many years now and all trainers dispose of a in-depth knowledge and experience regarding teamwork, leadership, communication, …  The escape games are integrated as an essential part of your (always) tailored learning experience.


A few possible themes to connect to the escape games:


  • Team dynamics

  • The power to influence (with 9 influencing types)

  • Leading teams

  • The impact of communication


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