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2 Coach

Executive and business coaching

Your staff and your leaders face constant (and big) challenges. They get new roles and responsibilities in the company, they are appointed to new projects, they face new customer challenges, new technology, new ways of working, … So agility and flexibility are not just words indicating a hype … people need a (new) set of skills to make them achieve their goals and do so in a engaging way, in a healthy way and with a strong sense of personal satisfaction.

We can be of help by coaching your staff in the talents and competencies they wish to further develop. We help them find their talents and qualities. The strength of effective people comes from personal development and growth.
You will find our added value in a business oriented type of coaching. It is to the point, applicable and adapted to the coachee. Our approach is an accelerator to growth.

We differentiate several approaches to your coaching:

  • Executive coaching: person of trust for higher management, C-suite, business leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Business coaching: ‘puller’, listener, soundboard, inspirer and resource for middle management and team leaders
  • Sales coaching: accelerator for results
  • Skill coaching: accelerator in the development of specific competencies
  • Presentation coaching: listener, soundboard, creative source, story teller, inspirer and resource to help you prepare important presentations, speeches, key notes, …
  • Nano coaching; short coaching sessions to focus on a very specific need or demand
  • Team coaching: moderator and sometimes mediator in team development.
  • Burn-out and stress coaching: (only with accredited therapists) coaching and re-integration coaching for people suffering and recovering from stress and burnout issues

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