Testimonials … what makes us proud and what’s pushing us to grow further

‘I wish to thank you so much for a great course, with high quality. It was facilitated very professionally. I have learned a lot and I immediately started applying the techniques on the job.’     | AG Insurance

‘This is the best course ever that I followed. Finally I received tips and tricks that I started applying right after the training, instead of just models and theory. Awesome.’
| Stephane V – Catala

‘The 2 training days was filled with learning new things and interesting discussions. I have already integrated many of them in my work. Thanks also to the other participants for sharing their experiences and for giving feedback.’      | Koen De Ganck – Alfasprint

‘Being more conscient when using your interpersonal skills was just a great training course. You have a new sponsor. My colleagues should all come to this course. This is what they don’t teach you in school and this will bring immediate results in every contact with colleagues and clients.’      | Elsen F.

‘In 1.5 day of training, we received more tips and tricks compared to a 6 day course we followed last year with another provider. Thank you for using our time well. We look forward to the rest of the development track.’ | Marijn, BNP Paribas Fortis

‘The Train the Trainer course was a great experience. We felt safe in our learning. I felt very at ease, even though I was afraid to go to the course (pff, practicing in front of a class). A very professional learning context was set up and the approach of the trainer was just outstanding. Congratulations.’ | Delhaize-de-Leeuw

‘A training on communication? Do we really need this? Well, after 3 days of training, I can only advice to HR and L&D that everyone should follow this course. Very adequate, strong in content, great exercises and captivating approach through a metaphor.’
| Ministry of Finance

‘Et voilà, it is proven. Learning can be fun. A lot of examples, using what comes from the group, very practical, and completely adapted and tailored to our situation and corporate culture.’      | Ministry of Finance

I am pleasantly surprised by the pre- and post-learning of your approach. Nice application of flipped learning.’      | Brussels Airport Company

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