High Impact Learning

How can you benefit from our approach?

Optima Facto helps leaders, managers and employees to grow and step up to a more empowered level.

We bet our money on structured development tracks and tailored programs with limited theory and loads of experiences and On the Job learning. By using a flipped learning approach (with practical pre- and post learning tools, with intermediate activities, cases, role-plays, situational learning discussions, intervision, peer coaching, micro coaching, …) we share our ‘be better than yesterday’ philosophy and values with you.

Accelerated learning is key in our programs. Via this ‘Action Learning’ the compliance process becomes easier, more practical, and most of all applicable on the work floor. We urge our customers to involve shareholders, other than our participants, into the game, to make sure that the 70% approach to learning (70-20-10 model of Ch. Jennings) is used at its best !!

Optima Facto only works with programs and courses, tailored to your needs and applies key principles of 21st century learning. You:

  • Will receive a variety of techniques when learning new skills and developing new behaviors
  • Will get interactive techniques and formats, with focus on application
  • Apply during and mainly after the course
  • Are in the center during the courses and development track, and you will learn in a safe context
  • Enjoy long term retention through pre- and post-learning tools
  • Experience and share experiences
  • Apply numerous tips and tricks, and you will find it fun to share them with your peers.
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