The Team

Optima Facto works with a team of 15 trainers, consultants and coaches. “Top quality facilitators” as they were recently described by some of our clients. We guarantee ‘the right (experienced) person on the right place’.

Optima Facto is proud on the quality of it’s facilitators. We specifically select them for:

    • their expertise
    • their pedagogical qualities and training background
    • their specific experience as facilitators and their use of the newest developmental techniques
    • their expert knowledge of their content, in a broad context
    • a perspective of accountability and leadership
    • a passion to share their knowledge and experience

Our team is active in several languages, amongts others: Dutch, French, English, German, …

In several countries (like PR of China, Spain, Poland, Romania, USA…) we work with preferred partners. We opt for local partners in order to respect cultural aspects and language excellence. These partners were selected thorougly and share our values and vision.

OPTIMA FACTO sometimes works with actors. They add value to the learning process and bring work situations very close to reality (even in a classroom).

We advice companies that want to train their staff in cross cultural communication and leadership in the PR of China and Thailand and vice versa.

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